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Citizen Scientist®


Services and capabilities

1. Full-service, scientific, laboratory, field and in-home testing and evaluation of products for pets and animals (food, treats, hardware, medicine, clothing and other accessories) including the Citizen Scientist® program.

2. Citizen Scientist® training programs.

3. Design and evaluation of protocol for in-home testing of products for pets and animals.

4. Pet product digestbility testing using safe, in vitro methods developed specifically for the pet food industry.

5. Planning and consulting services for pet and animal product development, testing and evaluation.

6. Development, formulation, packaging, shelf-life studies, and robust design of products for pets and animals.

7. Digestibiltiy studies for pet foods using in-home techniques meeting AAFCO protocols or customized to your needs.

8. Process assistance including diagramming, pilot-plant studies, HACCP programs, waste reduction and recovery

9. Continuous improvement programs based on six-sigma techniques

10. Process assistance including optimization, waste recovery, and evaluation.

11. Standards development for performance and evaluation of pet and animal products.

12. Market research for pet and animal products.

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Analytical laboratory:

• Complete microbiological analysis

• Feed analysis

• Elemental analysis

• Accelerated shelf-life study

• Heat penetration studies

• Headspace analysis

• Textural analysis

• Viscosity analysis

• Color analysis

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CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (six-sigma techniques)

• Robust design assistance

• Leadership training and evaluation

• Customer focus training

• Planning services

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